These are scheduled for Week 6 (7 Nov) is consolidation week and there will be no new lectures for this week.

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Jan 2021's paper is not appearing for some reason: here it is (the CM50123 paper content is identical).


Not much on Moodle CM30078 CM50123


A long list of acronyms, taken from "The Art of Computer Networking".

Not all of these are used in this Unit!


Note that these slides are reminders to me as to what topics I should cover: like all units, you are expected to read around the subject and refer to your lecture notes. Don't treat the slides as the entirety of your study.

I have skipped some material in lectures (e.g., Presentation and Applications): why not improve your general education and read the extra too! The exam will only be set on material covered in lectures and your lecture notes will tell you what was covered in lectures.

slides01.pdf slides02.pdf slides03.pdf slides04.pdf slides05.pdf slides06.pdf slides07.pdf slides08.pdf slides09.pdf slides10.pdf slides11.pdf slides12.pdf slides13.pdf slides14.pdf slides15.pdf slides16.pdf slides17.pdf slides18.pdf slides19.pdf slides20.pdf slides21.pdf slides22.pdf slides23.pdf slides24.pdf slides25.pdf slides26.pdf slides27part.pdf

slides01.docx slides02.docx slides03.docx slides04.docx slides05.docx slides06.docx slides07.docx slides08.docx slides09.docx slides10.docx slides11.docx slides12.docx slides13.docx slides14.docx slides15.docx slides16.docx slides17.docx slides18.docx slides19.docx slides20.docx slides21.docx slides22.docx slides23.docx slides24.docx slides25.docx slides26.docx slides27part.docx