CM10195 Computer Systems Architecture 2

Lab Drop-In Sessions

From Week 7 onwards, one or more teaching assistants will be present to answer any questions on this unit, or other subjects, if they are willing.

These labs are not compulsory, but you should try to make the best use of them.

Unit Catalogue


Some texts

Operating Systems: OSs have been around nearly as long as computers, so there are many books -- just pick one! Books on Networking:

Some links

Past Papers

Past papers

The Coursework

Coursework accounts for 30% of the unit total. It consists of

The Exam

At the end of the semester (70%).


Not much on the Moodle page.


These will be released after the relevant lecture: there is no substitute to having the material go through your brain at least once!

Note that these slides are reminders to me as to what topics I should cover: you are expected to read around the subject and refer to your lecture notes. Don't treat the slides as the entirety of your study.

The file numbers don't correspond to anything in particular in terms of lectures or subject covered.

I make have skipped some material in lectures: why not improve your general education and read the extra too! The exam will only be set on material covered in lectures and your lecture notes will tell you what was covered in lectures.