Bath Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory Seminar

The Bath Algebra, Geometry, and Number Theory Group runs an informal weekly seminar on a variety of topics of common interest. Everyone is welcome. The program can be decided at fairly short notice, so watch this space.

The current seminar organisers are Alastair King, Daniel Loughran, and Johannes Nordström. If you would like to be on our e-mailing list, please submit a subscription request here or contact Johannes.

Autumn 2020

All seminars this semester will be on zoom. Contact Johannes for link if required.

Preliminary programme

Tue 6 Oct
at 1:15
Gregory Sankaran
A supersingular coincidence
Tue 13 Oct
at 1:15
Marialaura Noce (Göttingen)
Groups of automorphisms of rooted trees: an overview
Tue 20 Oct
at 1:15
Jarek Wiśniewski (Warsaw)
Quaternion-Kähler Manifolds via algebraic torus action on projective contact manifolds
Tue 27 Oct
at 1:15
Martin Kerin (Galway)
A pot-pourri of non-negatively curved 7-manifolds
Tue 3 Nov
at 1:15
Csaba Nagy
The Sullivan conjecture in complex dimension 4
Tue 10 Nov
at 1:15
Markus Upmeier (Oxford)
Instanton moduli spaces in gauge theory and their differential topology
Tue 17 Nov
at 1:15
Timothy Logvinenko (Cardiff)
Skein-triangulated representations of generalised braids
Tue 1 Dec
at 1:15
Elisa Postinghel (Trento)
Polynomial interpolation in algebraic geometry
Tue 8 Dec
at 1:15
Soheyla Feyzbakhsh (Imperial)
Moduli spaces on the Kuznetsov component of cubic threefolds

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