Bath Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory Seminar

The Bath Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory Group runs an informal weekly seminar on a variety of topics of common interest. Everyone is welcome. The program can be decided at fairly short notice, so watch this space.

The current seminar organisers are Alastair King, Daniel Loughran, and Johannes Nordström.

The seminar takes place Thursdays 13.15-14.15 in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre (4 West 1.7)

If you would like to be on our e-mailing list, please submit a subscription request here or email one of the organisers.

Autumn 2023

Thu 5 October Organisational meeting
Thu 12 Oct Tudor Ciurca (Bath) Irrationality of cubic threefolds in characteristic 2
Thu 19 Oct Lorenzo Foscolo (UCL) Hypertoric varieties, W-Hilbert schemes and Coulomb branches
Thu 26 Oct Qaasim Shafi (Birmingham) Curve counting on toric surfaces
Thu 2 Nov Hao Chang (Central China Normal University) Syzygy functions for endotrivial modules
Thu 9 Nov Hannah Dell (Edinburgh) Stability conditions on free abelian quotients
Thu 16 Nov Tom Holt (Bath) Hilbert complexes on non-compact complex manifolds
Thu 23 Nov Al Kasprzyk (Nottingham) Machine learning detects terminal singularities
Thu 30 Nov Ali Craw (Bath) The Le Bruyn-Procesi theorem and Hilbert schemes.
Thu 7 Dec Thomas Cottrell (Bath)
Thu 14 Dec

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