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I am author and maintainer of several packages accompanying some journal papers. These are available on CRAN from the links below. Please email me if you find bugs in any of the packages. You can find more updates on my GitHub page.

  • abctools, a package for summary statistics selection in Approximate Bayesian Computation.
  • adlift, a package for adaptive wavelet lifting algorithms.
  • binhf, a package for binomial Haar-fisz variance stabilization.
  • CliftLRD, a package for estimating long range dependence in real- and complex-valued time series using complex-valued lifting.
  • CNLTreg, a package for nonparametric regression with complex valued lifting.
  • CNLTtsa, a package for uni- and bivariate time series analysis with complex-valued lifting.
  • GNAR, a package to fit network time series models.
  • liftLRD, a package for estimating long range dependence in time series with missing observations.
  • LS2Wstat, a package for testing second order stationarity in images.
  • nlt, a package for nondecimated lifting transforms.

I have also contributed to maintenance of the wavethresh and LS2W packages.