Software and Data for Functional Regression Analysis

The software and data described below are associated with the article
Faraway J.J. (1997) Regression Analysis for a Functional Response Technometrics 39 254-261.
The right elbow included angle curves. The data are arranged for easy entry into S+. For other uses, you will need to do some rearrangement. There are 60 blocks of numbers, corresponding to the observed curves in the same order as in the file There are a few missing values denoted by N.
The experimental order including the target coordinates.
A blow-by-blow analysis of the data using S+.
S+ functions used in the analysis.
ADDED in Aug 2012:
An R-based analysis

To reproduce the analysis in the article using S+, just work through the file Splusnotes. These S+ functions have not been widely tested or designed to deal with wide variety of functional data that will arise in practice.

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