Welcome to Joshua B. Evans' Homepage

Artificial Intelligence - Reinforcement Learning - Skill Discovery
Department of Computer Science, University of Bath

I'm a PhD student at the University of Bath, in the Department of Computer Science, under the supervision of Dr Özgür Şimşek.

My research focuses on how we can produce AI agents capable of incrementally learning complex behaviours, or


. Most of my work is done within the framework of

Reinforcement Learning


My wider research interests include:
> Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
> Graph-Based Skill Discovery Methods
> Skill Discovery in Humans
> Intrinsically-Motivated Reinforcement Learning

I'm also the unit convenor for the University's popular on-campus reinforcement learning unit (CM50270/CM30359), and the author of the online version of the unit for the University's online MSc AI programme.

This website contains my professional research, information about my various side-projects, some teaching resources, and a personal blog. Whatever you came here for, I hope that you find this website useful!