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Philip Jones was awarded a BA (Economics) degree by the University of Wales and subsequently awarded an MA (Economics of Public Policy) and a Ph D from the University of Leicester. His Ph D research focused on an economic analysis of collective behaviour. Before arriving at Bath University, Philip lectured for six years at the University of Hull.

At Bath, Philip has been responsible for teaching courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. At present, he is responsible for the final year undergraduate courses ECOI0034 International Trade; ECOI0035 Public Choice and Public Expenditure and ECOI0036 Economics of Taxation. He is also responsible for ECOI0079 Economics of Politics which is a second level course and which applies economic analysis to questions which are more often considered by political scientists. Formerly, he has been responsible for teaching Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics at first and second year levels. For Postgraduate programmes (e.g. M. Sc. in Fiscal Studies) he has taught courses on Microeconomic Theory of Taxation; Cost Benefit Analysis and International Taxation.

Philip adopts a range of pedagogical styles. Lectures are accompanied by seminars in which students engage present solutions to questions and engage in discussion. The emphasis is on understanding how analysis 'works' and on how it can be applied. At the same time, the sensitivity of analysis to underlying assumptions is stressed and students are encouraged to recognise the limitations associated with theoretical work.

Research informs teaching in different ways. Philip researches in areas of mainstream economics and is also interested in interdisciplinary issues. He publishes in political science journals as well as in economic journals. He has research interests in behavioural economics and is a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Economic Psychology. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the European Centre for the Study of Public Choice (based at the University of Rome).

For courses such as ECOI 0035 Public Expenditure and Public Choice and ECOI0036 Economics of Taxation Philip's text book (co-authored with John Cullis) is used as one of the key texts. The book, Public Finance and Public Choice, second edition, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1998 provides a basis from which further analysis is developed. It has been used widely in UK universities and also in universities in other countries. In former years, John Cullis and Philip Jones, Microeconomics of the Public Economy A Defence of Leviathan Basil Blackwell, 1987, has also proved an important reference.

Philip has taught and examined at the University of Hull, the University of Bristol, and Cranfield Institute of Technology. He has examined externally for Glasgow Caledonian University, for the Civil Service Commission and for the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. He has been advisor to the International Baccalaureate and has held the position of Chief Examiner in Economics for the International Baccalaureate. He has acted as consultant for the British Council.

Phil Jones


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