Research and Recent Publications: PHILIP JONES


Academic Positions

1998 - to date Professor of Economics

1996 - to date Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Economic Psychology



B.A.(Economics), University of Wales,

M.A. (Economics of Public Policy), University of Leicester,

Ph. D. " Economic Analysis of Collective Behaviour", University of Leicester.


Recent Publications


(with J G Cullis) Public Finance and Public Choice: Alternative Perspectives, second edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998.

Journal Articles

(with J Hudson) Political Parties, Political Integrity and Public Policy: a Transactions Costs Approach, Political Studies, vol 49, no 1, 2001, pp 70-88.

(with J Hudson ) Measuring the Efficiency of Stochastic Signals of Product Quality, Information Economics and Policy, vol 13, 20001, 35-49.

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(with J G Cullis and O Morrisey) "Public Choice Perspectives on the Poll Tax", Economic Journal, vol 101, no.406, May 1991 pp.600-14


Prizes: ( with J. G. Cullis and A Lewis) "Public versus Private Provision of Altruism: Can Fiscal Policy Make Individuals ‘Better’ People?" Kyklos, vol 51, Fasc 1, 1998, pp3-24. ( -Awarded the ‘Founders’ Prize’ by the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics).


Teaching at Bath University: second year undergraduate courses (Economics of Politics, Economic Organisation of the European Union); final year undergraduate courses (Public Expenditure and Public Choice; Economics of Taxation; International Trade); postgraduate courses for M. Sc. in Fiscal Studies (International Taxation, Microeconomics of Taxation).