Ph. D. students

Dora Răsădean

I grew up in Romania and studied Chemistry at the West University of Timișoara. I received my Masters in Chemistry at the University of Hull in 2015. Since then, I have been working in Pantoș group on DNA binding molecules and other chiral-based systems. I am now a PhD student working on the design of novel catalytic scaffolds using dynamic combinatorial chemistry and applying the physical-chemical rules of enzymology to purely synthetic systems. I am co-supervised by Dr Chris Pudney.

Anamaria Trandafir

I was born in Constanta, Romania. In 2014 I was awarded the Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics by Ovidius University of Constanta and started my Master’s degree studies in Physics at the University of Bucharest. In 2015 I joined the National Institute of Materials Physics in Romania as a Research Assistant. In the summer of 2016 I received the MSc degree and moved to North Carolina State University in the US where I joined the Physics graduate program. Now, I am a PhD student in Physics and Chemistry focusing my research on self-assembled molecular networks mediated by on surface reactions.

Sam Clowes

I am originally from Alderley Edge in Cheshire but my family moved to Harrogate in North Yorkshire in 2017. I completed my undergraduate MChem degree at the University of York, graduating in 2021 with a Master's in Chemistry. Since then, I have now started my PhD as a member of the Pantoș group, focusing on synthesising and testing small molecules for binding DNA and RNA G-quadruplexes.

The Team

Last modified: 19 Jan 2022

Former Group Members

(please contact me if your details change)

Yusuf Ali (2021 - MRes student, now: -)

Olivia Astley (2021 - MRes student, now: Analyst @BSI)

Eve Bellers (2021 - MRes student, now: @ Grosvernor Group)

Steven Riley (2020 - MRes student, now: -)

Takuya Shimajiri (2020 - visiting PhD student, now: PhD student, Hokkaido University)

Takashi Machida (2020 - visiting PhD student, now: PDRA, NIMS)

Ffion Platt (2020 - BSc student, now: BSc student, Bath)

Annabel Flook (2020 - BSc student, now: BSc student, Bath)

Ollie Magretts (2020 - BSc student, now: BSc student, Bath)

Thulase Sivasoty (2020 - MChem student, now: Analyst @Accenture)

Rory Jackson (2020 - MChem student, now: Medical Student @ QUB)

Calum Finn (2020 - MChem student, now: Medical Lab Assistant @ OpenCell)

Tiberiu Gianga (2020 - PhD student, now: scientist @ Diamond Light Source)

Kento Ueta (2019 - visiting PhD student, now: PhD student, Kyoto University)

Judith Veillon (2019 - ESCOM summer student, now: undergraduate at ESCOM)

William Thompson (2019 - MRes student, now: PhD student, Newcastle)

Stuart Scott (2019 - MRes CDT student, now: PhD student, Bath)

Hannah Wedge (2019 - MChem student, now: @ Integrated Medhealth Communication)

Hannah Rogers (2019 - MChem student, now: PhD student, Bath)

Paula Prieto Correa (2019 - MChem student, now: @ Primor Cosmetics)

Louis Calcutt (2019 - MChem student, now: -)

Mehrafarin Elbigi Dehkordi (2019 - PhD student, now: @ Thermo Fisher)

Simone Limberti (2019 - PhD student, now: @ PWD Industrial Filtration)

Sam Harrison (2018 - MRes student, now: @ Bristol Myers Squibb)

Mingzhang Qi (2018 - MRes student, now: -)

Edwige Audibert (2018 - ESCOM summer student, now: undergraduate at ESCOM)

Steven Riley (2018 - summer student, now: -)

Elise Smith (2018 - summer student, now: undergraduate @ Univ. of Bath)

Kornelijus Balnius (2018 - MChem student, now: -)

Frances Bromley (2018 - MChem student, now: @ Scott Logic)

Isobel Owens (2018 - MChem student, now: at OPEN Health)

Ryo Nozawa (2017 - visiting PhD student, now: -)

Yuto Kage (2017 - visiting PhD student, now: -)

Sam Pike (2017 - Nuffield summer student, now: A-level student at Weston College)

Vlad Jarkov (2017 - summer student, 2018 - MRes, now: PhD student at University of Bath)

Aucéanne Miramont (2017 - ESCOM summer student, now: @ Eurofins)

Ella Reed (2017 - MChem student, now: PhD in Cardiovascular Science at King's College London)

Anthony Moran (2017 - MChem student, now: @ THG)

Giles Prentice (2016 - PhD student, now: @ BP)

Ming Song (2016 - MSci student, now: -)

Timothée Merand (2016 - ESCOM summer student, now: @ Delifrance)

Alex Swan (2016 - summer student, now: -)

Rory Crean (2016 - MRes CDT student, now: Postdoc @ Uppsala University)

Jack Walker (2016 - MChem student, now: -)

Laura Hinett (2016 - MChem student, now: @ Catalent Pharma Solutions)

Hajar Boumir (2015 - ESCOM summer student, now: @ Leo Pharma)

Liam Emmett (2015 - PhD student, now: @ Severn Trent Water)

Gemma Cousins (2014 - MChem student, now: @ Severn Trent Water)

Jon Husband (2014 - MChem student, now: PhD student, Univ. of Brimingham)

Lucy Jones (2014 - Nuffield summer student, now: -)

Chloé Issachar (2014 - ESCOM summer student, now: Formulation Engineer)

Floriane Joubert (2014 - ESCOM summer student, now: @ Syneos Health)

Vijay Luxami (2013/4 - Visiting lecturer/Postdoc, now: Associate Professor at Thapar University, India)

Rose Osborne (2014 - MChem student, now: Beat Manager, Avon & Somerset Constabulary)

Chris Davey (2013 - MRes - DTC student, now: Research Fellow @ Cranfield University)

Freddi Brownsmith (2013 - summer student, now: @ Bulb)

Corinne Lacassagne (2013 - ESCOM summer student, now: @ Orion Chemicals Orgaforms)

Koujiro Tambara (2013 - PhD student, now: Healthcare VC at Downing Ventures)

Jennifer Frostick (2013 - BSc student, now: -)

Steven Kennedy (2013 - MChem student, now: technical Writer at SteriTech Limited)

Anna Dabrowska (2012 - summer student, now: -)

Henghua Zhu (2012 - MRes student, now: Roche Pharmaceuticals - Shanghai)

Marine Bizouarne (2012 - ESCOM summer student, now: Government Administration, France)

Augustin Peneau (2012 - ESCOM summer student, now: OmegaChem inc.)

Camilla Shotton (2011, 2012, 2013 - summer student, now: PhD student at University of Oxford)

Samir Sholapurkar (2012 - Nuffield high school student, now: -)

Matthew Petts (2012 - MChem student, now: chemist at Innospec)

Monserrat Pérez Salvia (2012 - Erasmus student, now: -)

Fraeya Whiffin (2012 - MRes - DTC student, now: Science and Engineering Fast Streamer)

Eva Brandes (2011 - Erasmus student, now: -)

Rhodri Jenkins (2011 - MRes - DTC student, now: Scientist II @ Amyris)

Morgane Pellerin (2011 - ESCOM summer student, now: Ingenieur Recherche @ Solvay)

Mélinda Ipouck (2011 - ESCOM summer student, now: @ Informatique Banques Populaires)

at the University of Cambridge:

Takayuki Tanaka (2010 - Visiting Ph. D. Student, now: Assistant Professor at Kyoto University)

Elizabeth Howe (2010 - Summer Student, now: PhD student, University of Cambridge)

Catrin Petty (2009/10 Part III - M.Sc. Student, now: Patent Attorney at Venner Shipley LLP)

Christina Robson (2009/10 Part III - M.Sc. Student, now: Consultant at Oliver Wyman)

Matej Janecek (2009 - Corporate Associates Summer Student, now: Postdoc @ EPFL)

Vijay Narasimhan (2008/09 - M. Phil. in Micro- and Nanotechnology, now: MEMwave inc.)

Nandhini Ponnuswamy (2008 - Corporate Associates Summer Student, now: McKinsey & Co)

Dmitry Kondratiuk (2007 - Visiting Summer Student, now: researcher @ Tata Steel)

Tessa Peach (2007 - Corporate Associates Summer Student, now: at Pfizer UK, Sandwich site)

MChem/MSc students

Tal Kalati

Oli Oldrige

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