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Dr. Eike Hermann Müller

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Scientific Computing

Department of Mathematical Sciences
4 West Building, Room 2.17
University of Bath (UK)
Bath BA2 7AY
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 - 1225 - 38 - 6470

I carry out research as a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath. I joined the department in September 2011 as a PostDoc to work with Prof. Rob Scheichl and to investigate the algorithmic and parallel scalability of solvers for very large elliptic partial differential equations in numerical weather- and climate prediction as part of the NERC funded NGWCP programme (see Research ↝ Elliptic Solvers in NWP).

Before this I worked as a Scientist in the Atmospheric Dispersion Group at the Met Office from November 2009 to August 2011 (see Research ↝ Dispersion Modelling) and completed a PhD in Computational Particle Physics at the University of Edinburgh (UK) in September 2009 (see Research ↝ Particle Physics) after my undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Bonn (Germany) in August 2006.

For more details please browse my webpage or look at my short CV on 2 pages (last updated Jun 2017) and detailled academic CV in .pdf format (last updated Sep 2014).

    Research Interests and Expertise

    (see the Research pages for further details)

  • Scientific Computing
    • Massively Parallel Algorithms
    • Parallel Programming with MPI, OpenMP, CUDA
    • GPUs and Novel Architectures, GPU clusters
  • Numerical Analysis and Iterative Solvers for Large Elliptic PDEs
    • (Parallel) Multigrid Algorithms
    • Higher-order DG methods
    • Krylov Subspace Methods
    • Strongly anisotropic elliptic PDEs in Geophysical Modelling
  • Stochastic Numerical Methods
    • Stochastic Differential Equations (SDEs)
    • Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods
    • Applications in atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Atmospheric Modelling
    • Numerical Weather- and Climate Prediction
    • Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling
    • Operational Emergency Response Systems
  • Molecular Dynamics
    • Performance portable MD/MC codes
  • Scientific Software development
    • C++, Fortran 90/2003, Python, Java, OOP, Linux Scripting
    • Numerical Libraries (BLAS, LAPACK, DUNE, Hypre)
    • Change Control Systems (git, subversion, fcm)
  • Computational and Theoretical Particle Physics
    • Lattice QCD
    • Heavy Quark Effective Theory
    • Automated Perturbation Theory and Monte Carlo methods
    • Effective Theories and Chiral Expansions (ChPT)

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