Evripides Loukaides


I am a Lecturer in Solid Mechanics at the University of Bath and a member of the Materials and Structures Group (MAST). I have a diverse set of research interests, particularly relating to the mechanics and manufacturing of thin-shell structures.

Recent Projects

Additive manufacture of multistable structures


Expanding the design possibilities in AM (with R. Lewis and C. Bowen). [SMS paper]

Classification and selection of sheet forming processes with machine learning


A new use for Machine Learning in Metal Forming (with E. Hamouche). [IJCIM paper]

Asymmetric mandel-free spinning


We produced highly asymmetric spun parts for the first time. [ICTP17 paper]

Bistable gridshells

3D printing multistable structures (with A. Ntrekos). Based on earlier work with K. Seffen. [IJSS paper]