Dan Green

Learning Technologist (STEM)

Welcome to Dan Green's home page at the University of Bath.

I previously organised the Postgraduate Seminar Series, which can be found here.

Who I Am

I am a Learning Technologist in the TEL Team at the University of Bath.
Previously to joining the TEL Team I was a lecturer in the maths department here.
In 2019 I finished my PhD on the topic of Model Order Reduction for Large-Scale Data Assimilation problems, supervised by Melina Freitag.

In my free time I enjoy reading, baking and running. I am a keen long distance runner and have done a number of half marathon races, and completed my first (and last for now) full marathon in October 2017.



M.A.Freitag, D.L.H.Green:
A low-rank approach to the solution of weak constraint variational data assimilation problems
J. Comput. Phys., 357 : 263 - 281 (link)

M.A.Freitag, D.L.H.Green:
Projection methods for weak constraint variational data assimilation


Here is a collection of the talks I gave during my PhD. For more information or a copy of the slides, feel free to email me.


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