About me

My profile on PURE can be found here. Here's a brief overview.

PhD Research

My PhD is concerned with the modelling (and development of supporting theory) of photonic crystal fibres (PCFs). This involves the use of techniques from homogenisation theory and results on the convergence of thin-structure PDE problems to singular-structure ODE problems. This is with the objective of providing an analytic model which can link the geometry and material properties of PCFs to its operating performance, to improve fibre design.
My PhD supervisors are Dr Kirill Cherednichenko (90%); and Prof David Bird (10%).

Publications and pre-prints

Academic Background

I graduated from the University of Bath in Summer 2017 with an MSci Mathematics and Physics, and I am now part of the 4th cohort of the SAMBa CDT at the University of Bath. I completed the MRes year of the SAMBa program in September 2018.

Other Involvements

I am a tutor for Analysis 1A/B at the Univeristy of Bath; tutorial resources for my tutor groups can be found on this page.
I was one of 5 SAMBa students co-organising the SAMBa Summer Conference in July 2019, the conference website can be found here.

Personal Information

Full Name:
Mr William Graham
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Program of Study:
Integrated PhD Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa CDT)
Previous Education:
MSci Mathematics and Physics;
University of Bath, Dept. of Physics
Graduated Summer 2017 (First Class)
E-mail Address:
W.Graham <at> bath.ac.uk
Postal Address:
Mr Will Graham
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
United Kingdom