Logic Games

We think one of the best ways to learn is through play. Here are some Serious Games on topics in Logic and Computer Science. We hope you'll enjoy them!

The games are developed by students in Computer Science at the University of Bath. The project is coordinated by Willem Heijltjes.

Matrix Mania

Hannan Shah | 2021

Logic Chess

Ethan Tribe | 2021

Regex Tetris

Max Wheaton | 2021

Lambda Calculus

Ethan Carolan | 2020

Origami Programming

Alex Howard | 2020

Labyrinth Tree Traversal

Aidan Saxon | 2020

Finite Rhythm

Ben Hetherington | 2019


Kate Mainwaring | 2019

Digital Logic Dungeon

Robert Ashby | 2018

Logic Training

Max Sandberg | 2018

First-Order Logic Game

Amy Hooper | 2017

Regular Expression Tower Defence

Oliver Sellar | 2017

Syllogisms Game

James Treasure | 2017

Finite Automata Game

Freya Johnson | 2016