Interactive unit map - Department of Mathematical Sciences

University of Bath

The unit maps are a guide to the units available to undergraduates mathematicians and show prerequisites. We try to keep the maps up to date and they are subject to change. The official list of units and courses is available here for the current academic year.

The unit map depends on the year and, for the 2022/3 cohort, whether there's a placement or study-year abroad. Click one of the black boxes to access the unit map.

Year of entry: 2021/2

2021/2 cohort

Year of entry: 2022/3

2022/3 cohort on
- BSc (without placement or study-year abroad), or
- MMath (without placement) or MMath study-year abroad
2022/3 cohort on
- BSc placement/study-year abroad, or
- MMath placement

Year of entry: 2023/4 (or later)

2023/4 cohort onwards