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Dr. Tim Dodwell

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Position: Prize Fellow in Engineering Mathematics

Telephone: +44 1225 386296
Room Number: 4 East 2.45

E-mail Address: t.j.dodwell (at) bath.ac.uk

Postal Address: Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bath
Bath BA2 7AY
United Kingdom

Dr Timothy Dodwell is a Prize Fellow in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath, working at the dynamic interface between engineering, applied mathematics and high performance scientific computing. He has 9 international journal papers (with a further 5 submitted) and 11 conference proceedings, which span his research interests in modelling complex materials for industry-motivated problems. He has four on going projects totalling £743k (£248k as PI) in multiscale modelling and optimisation of composite manufacturing processes and performance, non-local continuum models for crack propagation and uncertainty quantification in material performance and sub-surface flow applications. He supervises five industrially sponsored PhD students and one post doctoral researcher across these research areas. <--   download a short CV including publications here   -->


Preprints (submitted)

[13] C. J. BUDD A. N. CHAKHCHOUKH, T. J. DODWELL AND R. KUSKE, Chevron folding patterns and Heteroclinic Orbits, submitted to IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, April 2015 [Preprint].
[12] S. ERLAND, T. J. DODWELL AND R. BUTLER, Characterisation of Rate-dependent Frictional Inter -Ply Shear of Uncured Carbon Fibre Laminates, submitted to Composites Part A, April 2015 [Preprint].
[11] T. J. DODWELL, R. BUTLER AND A. T. RHEAD, Optimum Fibre-Steering of Composite Plates for Buckling and Manufacturability, submitted to AIAA, March 2015.
[10] T. J. DODWELL, C. KETELSEN, R. SCHEICHL and A.L. TECKENTRUP, A Hierarchical Multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithm with Applications to Uncertainty Quantification in Subsurface Flow, arXiv:1303.7343 [Preprint]


[9] T. J. DODWELL, 'Internal Wrinkling Instabilities in Layered Structures', accepted for publication in Phil Mag (Details to follows).
[8] T. A. FLETCHER, R. BUTLER AND T. J. DODWELL, Anti-symmetric laminates for improved consolidation and reduced warp of tapered C-sections, Adv. Manuf.: Polym. Compos. Sci., 00, p. 1-7, 2015.
[7] T. J. DODWELL, R.BUTLER AND G. W. HUNT, Out-of-plane ply wrinkling defects during consolidation over an external radius, Composites Science and Technology 105, p. 151-159, 2014. [PDF]
[6] T. J. DODWELL AND G. W. HUNT, Periodic Void Formation in Chevron Folds, Math Geosci 46, p 1011-1028, 2014. [PDF]
[5] A. T. RHEAD, T. J. DODWELL AND R.BUTLER, The Effect of Tow Gaps on Compression after Impact Strength of Robotically Laminated Structures, CMC: Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol. 35, No. 1, pp. 1-16, 2013.
[4] G. W. HUNT, T. J. DODWELL AND J. HAMMOND, On the nucleation of kink and shear bands Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A, 371, 2013.
[3] T. J. DODWELL, AND G. W. HUNT, Convoluted accommodation structures in folded rocks, Phil. Mag. 92, p. 3418-3438, 2012.
[2] T. J. DODWELL, G. W. HUNT, M. A. PELETIER, AND C. J. BUDD, Multi-layered folding with voids, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A, 370, p 1740-58, 2012.
[1] T. J. DODWELL, M. A. PELETIER, C. J. BUDD, AND G. W. HUNT, Self-similar voiding solutions of a single layered model of folding rocks, SIAM J. Appl. Math, 370, p 444-63, 2012.



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