Into the United States

I've not checked the following information. Check with Customs! Posts indicate:

You are allowed to bring into the U.S. some amount of liquor duty free. After that, 10% flat rate for the first $1000 above the $400 duty free limit (for most other items) allowed. You must carry the wine with you. Mailing/shipping it back requires an importer, and some say it will disappear in any event.


When I think of Kosher wine, I think of Mogan David. Most of those wines are sweetened and some use artificial flavors.

Posts have spoken of other producers:

  • Carmel
  • Baron Herzog (California)
  • Gan Eden (California)
  • Galil (Israel)
  • Golan Heights (Golan Heights)
  • Royal Kedem (Israel)
  • Weinstock (California)


Definitely something that can be done, but far afield from our experience. Some of the best wine we've drunk is from home winemakers, and many commercial winemakers got their start making wine at home. There are a great number of cyberspace resources in this area, including a FAQ on winemaking and a FAQ on winemaking resources. Check out:

Usenet: rec.crafts.wine-making

World Wide Web: Don Buchan's Wine Guide Page at http://www.cam.org/~malak/guide with links to his FAQs on making wine and internet wine-making resources, as well as information on wine-making kits, recipes, etc. See additional sites as listed in the "Winemaking" section of Appendix A.

E-mail: Don Buchan is at malak@cam.org.

FTP:  rtfm.mit.edu (all FAQs)

Gopher:  gopher.physics.utoronto.ca (all FAQ's via rtfm.mit.edu)


While I wouldn't bet that there is any wine in a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, who knows? Check with Zaphod Beeblebrox.


Wine Coolers

Two bottles red wine (don't spend a lot!). 1 container frozen orange juice concentrate. Several cinnamon sticks several whole cloves. (I've never made this....)

Chill and serve in a punch bowl with strawberries on top. Add soda water for a weaker concoction.


If you are shipping wine, take note that many wineries will hold off shipment to accommodate either your schedule or the weather. You probably don't want your wine sitting around a very hot loading dock in the middle of summer.

Check Appendix A for some URL's discussing legal aspects of wine and the shipping of wine. Some states do not allow shipping into their jurisdiction. Why? Alternate theories include morals and/or tax revenues.