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University of Bath

4 West 1.17
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
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United Kingdom


I graduated from the University of Bath in summer 2020 with a first-class honours Master of Mathematics. Currently I am undertaking my MRes year of an Integrated PhD in Statistical Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath, as part of the 7th cohort of the EPSRC SAMBa CDT.

My Masters dissertation on "efficient priorconditioning for edge enhancement in imaging" was supervised by Silvia Gazzola and Alastair Spence. The project involved the regularization of discrete ill-posed linear inverse problems and employing Krylov subspace methods that adaptively define edge-enhancing encodings between iterates.


During my MRes year of the Integrated PhD, I am taking the following modules:

MA50264: Inter-disciplinary Research Project (IRP) concerning numerical methods for proton therapy treatment planning
MA50246: Student-led symposia and integrative think tanks
Semester 1:
MA40198: Applied Statistical Inference
MA50263: Mathematics of machine learning
MA50183: Reading course on edge-enhancing regularisation methods in imaging
Semester 2:
MA50250: Inverse problems, data assimilation and filtering
MA50251: Applied stochastic differential equations
MA50215: Reading course on spectral theory and its applications


In Semester 1 of the 2020/21 academic year, I am tutoring two tutorials per week for MA10230 Methods and Applications 1A. The tutored groups are:

GroupTutorial TimeRoomHand-in deadline
A4 Thursday 13:15-14:054W 1.2Monday 17:15
C3Friday 13:15-14:056W 1.2Tuesday 17:15

Solutions for the problem sheets become available on the course Moodle page at 17:15 on Tuesdays. Hand-ins will be marked on Moodle in time for the tutorial on Thursday/Friday.

I have previously tutored MA10230 in the 2018/19 academic year during my third year of undergraduate studies.


Full Name:
Mr Sebastian Scott
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
Program of Study:
Integrated PhD Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa CDT)
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Mr Sebastian Scott
4 West 1.17
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
Bath, BA2 7AY
United Kingdom


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