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· January 2017: Anthony’s paper on phospha-Hafner syntheses of azulenes has just been published in Synlett—click here to read.


· October 2016: Welcome to new PhD students Lloyd Murfin and Carlos Lopez. Also welcome to new undergraduate project students Ryan Stendall and Freddie Martin. Mike McCoy is also staying on in the group for his final year project.


· September 2016: Congratulations to Anthony on passing his viva! Dr. Gee is leaving the group to take up a position with Peakdale Molecular.


· Congratulations to Kathryn! Her full paper on her copper dye bearing thienyl ligands has just been published. Click here to read (open-access)


· July 2016: Welcome to summer students Harry and Mike


· Congratulations to Paul, Yu Jin and Michael, who have had their work on azulenesulfonium salts published in Angewandte Chemie! Click here to read


· October 2015: Welcome to new undergraduate project students Kate Ellis-Sawyer, Nicola Crick and Lucia Pardo Deito.


· June 2015: Welcome to new group members! Yu Jin and Dominic Ferdani have joined the group for the summer.


· March 2015: Simon’s review on Cycloparaphenylenes and related nanohoops has just been published in Chem. Soc. Rev. click here to read (open access).


· February 2015: Welcome to Carlos Lopez Alled, who has joined the group as an Erasmus exchange student.


· November 2014: China Lecture Tour. Simon visited at Xiamen University (as part of the CASE2014 meeting), Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Lanzhou University—State Key Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry.


· October 2014: Welcome to Lydia Dewis, Michael Turton and Matt Gentry, who have joined the group as Masters’ students.


· October 2014: Welcome to Toby Nash and Ben Alexander, who have joined the group as PhD students.


· September 2014:  Double Congratulations to Catherine L — two papers in the same month! Her work on the mechanism of the Baddeley reaction has just been published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.   (Click here to read) and her work on the C-H borylation of naphthalenediimides has just been published in Chem. Commun. (Click here to read)


· August 2014: Congratulations to Kathryn W, who has taken a job at the National Physical Labporatory, starting in September


· May 2014: Both Catherine L and Kathryn W have passed their vivas! Click here and here for the photos...


· January 2014: Julia has started work at Cobalt Light Systems, just as her third full paper is published in Organic Chemistry Frontiers click here to read!


· October 2013: Congratulations to Julia on passing her viva!  Click here for the photos...


· October 2013: Congratulations to Monika! She has taken a job at Qualasept Ltd.


· October 2013: Read Catherine’s report on her attendance at ESOR’14, funded by an SCI Messel Bursary - here.


· September 2013: Congratulations to Kathryn! Her full paper on a copper(i) biquinoline dye for DSSCs has been accepted for publication in RSC Advances — click here to read.


· July 2013: Congratulations to Julia on the award of an ACS Joseph Breen Fellowship to cover attendance at the 17th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference — read the official ACS interview with her here.


· June 2013: Simon has been awarded the 2013 John Willis Award for research and teaching—click here for more details


· April 2013: Congratulations to Catherine! She has been selected as one of only five speakers at the 2013 Ede & Ravenscroft Symposium — click here for the photos


· March 2013: Congratulations to Mario! Our first PhD has taken a job as a Medicinal Chemist at Redx Anti-Infectives.


· January 2013: Group member Kathryn Wills has been interviewed for Chemistry Worldclick here to read.


· December 2012: Congratulations to Catherine! Her full paper on C-H Activation with Aluminium has been chosen for the front cover of OBC. Click here to read.


· November 2012: We have just been awarded HEIF funding for the development of new pancreatic cancer treatments.


· October 2012: We have been awarded a grant from the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account to work with Almac Group of Belfast to work on commercialising our research on bio-oxidation for application in the production of new organocatalysts — click here.


· September 2012: Congratulations to Monika on passing her PhD viva! - Click here for the Photos


· May 2012: Congratulations to Mario on passing his PhD viva! Click here for the photos...


· November 2011: Simon has won a 2012 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award!


· October 2011: We thank the Royal Society for a grant to continue our work on azacarbasugars.


· October 2011: Goodbye to Matthew, who is off to work for Prof. Gerry Pattenden.


· July 2011: Congratulations to Mario, whose work on C-H activation of decalin has been published in Synlett


· June 2011: Congratulations to Matthew—his total synthesis of (+)-grandifloracin has been published in Org. Lett.


· April 2011: Congratulations to Julia — her OBC article on the biooxidation of meta-bromobenzoic acid has just been published.


· March 2011: Congratulations to Sarah Pilgrim — her Chem. Comm. on “Inosaminoacids” has just been published.


· November 2010: Welcome to Syeda Farina Asghar, a visiting postgraduate scholar from Pakistan who is joining us for 6 months


· October 2010: Welcome to new group members! Dr Matthew Palframan has joined the group on a postdoctoral fellowship; Julia, Kathryn and Catherine have all returned to start full PhDs in the group; Michael Gerry and Jennifer White have joined as undergraduate project students.


· August 2010: Congratulations to Monika on the publication of her article in ChemComm! Click here to read.


· June 2010: We welcome Amelie Le Coz, Benjamin Ferreres and Pierre-Adrien Giraud to the group, three summer students from ESCOM.


· May 2010: We thank Pfizer for a generous donation of lab equipment.


· November 2009: Congratulations to Monika! Her paper on iron tricarbonyl complexes has been published in Organometallics. Click here to read


· October 2009: Welcome to new group members! Julia Griffen and Kathryn Wills have joined the group as part of their studies with the new Doctoral Training Centre in Sustainable Chemistry. They will be working on Bio-oxidation and Solar Cells.  Additionally, we  welcome three new masters students: Sarah Abou-Shehada, Catherine Lyall and Dominic van der Waals. Sarah Pilgrim has also decided to stay in the group for her masters project.


· September 2009: Masters student Tom Baker has had his work on bifunctional silyl triflates accepted for publication in Synthetic Communications.


· July 2009: Our contribution to the RSC’s Annual Reports has been published: Click here to read.


· July 2009: We welcome Sarah Pilgrim to the group—Sarah will be undertaking a summer project on inositol synthesis.


· October 2008: We welcome our first-ever Ph.D. students! Monika Khan and Mario Martin have joined the group and you can find out more about them on the Group Members page.


· May 2008: OSI Prosidion have generously provided funding for our studies on Nidulalin A.


· January 2008: We thank GlaxoSmithKline for a generous donation of lab equipment.