Higher Order Problems in Geometric Analysis

University of Bath,   5 – 8 June 2012

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The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts in geometric analysis and foster interaction with researchers in neighbouring fields, such as differential geometry, numerical analysis, or applied mathematics. The focus is on problems giving rise to partial differential equations of higher order. The event is supported by the EPSRC.

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Abstacts (where available) can be found here or by clicking on a title.
Tuesday, 5 June Wednesday, 6 June Thursday, 7 June Friday, 8 June
9:30 – 10:15 T. Rivière
Energy identities for linear and non-linear critical PDE's
K. Deckelnick
Error analysis for the approximation of the Willmore flow of graphs by C1-finite elements
A. Malchiodi
Non-uniqueness results for critical metrics of regularized determinants
10:20 Coffee and tea Coffee and tea Coffee and tea
10:45 – 11:30 D. Calderbank
Extremal Kahler metrics: analysis, geometry, examples
R. Nürnberg
Parametric approximation of elastic flow for curves and curve networks
B. Zhou
The Bernstein theorem for a class of fourth order equations
11:35 – 12:20 J. Metzger
Willmore surfaces subject to an area bound
C.-C. Lin
The L2-flow of elastic curves with or without boundary
A. Gastel
Remarks on higher order gauge invariant functionals
12:40 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 Registration
14:30 – 15:15 M. Struwe
Partial regularity of stationary biharmonic maps, revisited
P. Strzelecki
Global curvatures of compact sets and a characterization of manifolds of class W2,p
15:20 – 16:05 F. Robert
The Lin-Ni conjecture: the influence of the curvature
M. Rupflin
Uniqueness for the polyharmonic map flow
F. Schuricht
Contact problems for nonlinearly elastic rods
E. Kuwert
Minimizing curvature functionals among spheres in 3-manifolds
16:10 Coffee and tea Coffee and tea Coffee and tea Coffee and tea
16:50 – 17:35 T. Lamm
Quantitative rigidity results for conformal immersions
A. Dall'Acqua
Unstable Willmore surfaces of revolution
U. Hertrich-Jeromin
Conformal coordinates


Building 4 West, room 1.7 (the Wolfson Lecture Theatre)


Peter Hornung, Roger Moser, and Hartmut Schwetlick
Royal Crescent Pictures by Jürg Moser

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