Dick James

Department of Physics and
Centre for Networks and Collective Behaviour

University of Bath

3W 2.02D


+44(0)1225 38 5467

Selected publications

Discovery of species-wide tool use in the Hawaiian crow
Rutz, C., Klump, B., Komarczyk, L., Leighton, R., Kramer, J., Wischnewski, S., Sugasawa, S., Morrissey, M., James, R., St Clair, J., Switzer, R. and Masuda, B.

Nature 537, 403-7 (2016)

The stealthy superbug: the role of asymptomatic enteric carriage in maintaining a long-term hospital outbreak of ST228 methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Senn, L., Clerc, O., Zanetti, G., Basset, P., Prod'hom, G., Gordon, N., Sheppard, A., Crook, D., James, R., Thorpe, H. A. F. W., Feil, E. and Blanc, D.

mBio 7(1), e02039-15 (2016)

Experimental resource pulses influence social-network dynamics and the potential for information flow in tool-using crows
St Clair, J., Burns, Z., Bettaney, E., Morrissey, M., Burt, J., Otis, B., Ryder, T., Fleischer, R., James, R. and Rutz, C.

Nature Communications 6, 7197 (2015)

Animal Social Networks
Krause, J., James, R., Franks, D. and Croft, D.

Oxford University Press (2015)

Sexual networks: Measuring sexual selection in structured, polyandrous populations
McDonald, G.C., James, R., Krause, J. and Pizzari, T.

Phil Trans Roy Soc B 368, 1613 (2013)

Temporal dynamics and network analysis
Blonder, B., Dornhaus, A., Wey, T.W., Sih, A. and James, R.

Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3, 958-972 (2012)

Hypothesis testing in animal social networks
Croft, D. P., Madden, J. R., Franks, D. W. and James, R.

Trends in Ecology & Evolution 26(10), 502-507 (2011)

Behavioural trait assortment in a social network: patterns and implications
Croft, D. P., Krause, J., Darden, S. K., Ramnarine, I. W., Faria, J. J. and James, R.

Behav Ecol Sociobiol 63, 1495-1503 (2009)

Exploring Animal Social Networks
Croft, D., James, R. and Krause, J.

Princeton University Press (2008)