Our research programme started in the Department of Physics at the University of East Anglia.  Some members of the Liquid and Amorphous Materials Group are pictured below in 1995.




























In 1996 we hosted the prestigious Third Liquid Matter Conference (for some pictures click here) of the European Physical Society.
























The Group re-located to the University of Bath in 1998.

Text Box: Small but vibrant Group investigating liquid and amorphous materials

Top row (left to right): Drs Jonathan Wasse, Kai Gilkes,

David Champeney, Ray Wood, Moises Silbert, Cetin Tasseven.

Bottom row (left to right): Drs Erol Okan, Philip Salmon, Shuqin Xin, Jian Liu.

Some of the 520 delegates at the Third Liquid Matter Conference in Norwich