Chris Benmore’s Thesis makes for some excellent reading!

2013 - 17           Annalisa Polidori (PhD)

Structure of disordered materials: From geological fluids to network glasses


2012 - 16           Ruth F Rowlands (PhD)

The role of structural disorder in crystalline, glassy and liquid materials


2011 - 15           Keiron J Pizzey (PhD)

Glasses under extreme conditions


2009 - 13           Kamil Wezka (PhD)

Pressure induced structural transformations of network forming glasses


2008 - 12           Dean A J Whittaker (PhD)

The Structure and Dynamics of Fundamental Glasses by Neutron Scattering Techniques


2006 - 10           Prae Chirawatkul (PhD)

Structure of liquid and glassy materials from ambient to extreme conditions: a multiprobe approach


2005 - 09           James W E Drewitt (PhD)

Structure of copper halide melts, rare earth chalcogenide glasses and glassy germania at high pressure


2005 - 09           Anita Zeidler (PhD)

Ordering in Amorphous Binary Systems


1999 - 02           Richard A Martin (PhD)

Properties of Rare Earth Phosphate Glasses and Rare Earth Halide Liquids


1996 - 99           Ingrid Petri (PhD)

An Investigation of the Structure of Disordered Materials by Using Neutron Diffraction


1994 - 98           Jonathan C Wasse (PhD)

The Progression from Ionic to Covalent Bonding in Disordered Systems as Studied by Using Neutron Diffraction


1993 - 96           Shuqin Xin (PhD)

A Neutron Diffraction Study on the Structure of Chalcogenide and Chalcohalide Glasses


1991 - 94           Jian Liu (PhD)

A Study of the Structural Properties of Disordered Chalcogenide Materials


1990 - 94           Sevket Erol Okan (PhD)

Studies of Structure and Dynamics in Electrolyte Solutions


1989 - 93           Chris J Benmore (PhD)

A Neutron Diffraction Study on the Structure of Fast-Ion Conducting and Semiconducting Glassy Chalcogenide Alloys


1988 - 89           Harjaminder S Jolly (MPhil)

Thermophysical Properties of Non-Metals at High Temperatures and Pressures


1987 - 91           Paul B Lond (PhD)

The Structure and Dynamics of Non-Aqueous Solutions


1986 - 90           Ian T Penfold (PhD)

Structural Properties of Chalcogenide Materials

Text Box: A series of successful graduate students

Jian Liu, Erol Okan, Shuqin Xin and

Chris Benmore chez Silbert

Ian Penfold in his element in the USA

Ingrid Petri adds some Bavarian spice!