Text Box: Some of the recent exciting news in the LAM group

01/02/16           Michela Buscemi joins our group as a PhD student


15/09/15           Greg Moody joins our group as a PhD student


17/08/15           Anita Zeidler is awarded a Royal Society/EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin fellowship.


28/05/15           Our paper on the equation of state of TiZr is published in High Press Res.

27/05/15           Keiron Pizzey successfully passes his PhD viva. Congratulations, Keiron!


06/03/15           Our Topical Review in JPCM (Networks under pressure: the development of in situ high- 

                          pessure neutron diffraction for glassy and liquid materials) is published.


01/03/15           The influence of our work on geoscience research is highlighted in an article in Geoscientist

                          and leads to a front cover picture.                                                                                                                                                                                                          


01/01/15           Our JNCS (Structure of the network glass-former ZnCl2: From the boiling point to the glass) is



23/09/14           Our PRL (High-Pressure Transformation of SiO2 Glass from a Tetrahedral to an Octahedral

                          Network: A Joint Approach Using Neutron Diffraction and Molecular Dynamics) is published.


15/07/14           Our PNAS (Packing and the structural transformations in liquid and amorphous oxides from

                          ambient to extreme conditions) is published.


28/05/14           Anita Zeidler with the help of the IoP Liquids and Complex Fluids Group organises the one-day

                          meeting “Structural Transformations in Amorphous Materials” in Bath.


10/04/14           Anita Zeidler receives the “2014 B. T. M. Willis Prize” of the IoP and RSC Neutron Scattering



16/01/14           Anita Zeidler gives a talk entitled “Was ist Glas” to the Bath German Society (part of the

                          Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution).


02/01/14           Anita Zeidler receives the “Liquids and Complex Fluids Early Career Award” 2013 from the IoP.


30/09/13           Annalisa Polidori joins our group as a PhD student.               


25/09/13           Kamil Wezka successfully passes his PhD viva. Congratulations, Kamil!


12/08/13           Our invited review article appears in PCCP.


03/01/13           Our collaboration with Lawrie Skinner leads to a publication in PRB.


17/12/12           Our research is covered in the ILL news.


05/12/12           Our collaboration with former PhD student James Drewitt lead to a publication in PRL.


03/12/12           Our levitation work which was done in collaboration with James Drewitt is highlighted in the

                          University of Edinburgh News


21/11/12           Our research on the bound coherent neutron scattering lengths of the oxygen isotopes is

                          published and highlighted as IOPselect.


19/11/12           Our research on the network collapse of GeO2 under pressure is highlighted as IOPselect. Read

                          more about it in this Labtalk article.

01/10/12           Ruth Rowlands joins our group as a PhD student.                  


25/09/12           Our research on structural transformations in GeO2 glass with pressure is highlighted

                          as IOPselect. Read more about it in this Labtalk article.


27/06/12           The proceedings of the 8th Liquid Matter Conference at which Anita gave a talk have finally

                          appeared in J. Phys.: Condens. Matter featuring a detailed account of our water experiment.


22/06/12           Our reply to a comment by Soper and Benmore is published in PRL.


22/02/12           The PRB (Structure and triclustering in Ba-Al-O glass) which resulted from a collaboration

                          with Bristol is published.


28/05/12           Dean submits his thesis and will now start a Teach First course.       


2011                  See here.



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