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The following paragraph was written long ago:

Hello, and welcome to my undersized web-presence. I've been promising to make this a real web-presence for the last 5 years (anyone remember mosaic?) and it still hasn't happened. So all I've got to offer you is a little essay, "What I did on my Holidays", by Mark Cahill, aged 35-and-one-quarter.

Are you a fan of the BOFH ? No? What was your user ID again?

Final Examination in Workstation Management

  1. Distinguish between System Administration and "hacking".
  2. OK then, distinguish between "accidental" and "deliberate" damage.

A translation of this page is available, courtesy of the Ali G Translator.

...And finally, something vaguely serious: Here's a list of my products to date. Notice the first paper - I haven't always been an acoustician!

						Mark Cahill.

It's every human's duty to use the most stupid machines suitable.