Mark Cahill

I joined the University of Bath as a research physicist in 1994, specialising in nonlinear phenomena in medical ultrasound, in particular modelling the changes in the heating caused by distortion of the waveform.

Here's a list of my products to date.

I am currently working as a sysadmin in the Department of Computer Science.

"'This is all wrong!' he shouted in Ridcully's ear. 'This is not according to the laws of sound!'

'Maybe they're not laws!' screamed Ridcully. People a foot away couldn't hear him. 'Maybe they're just guidelines!'

Soul Music, Terry Pratchett.

There is another Errour in their Civill Philosophy (which they never learned of Aristotle, nor Cicero, nor any other of the Heathen,) to extend the power of the Law, which is the Rule of Actions onely, to the very Thoughts, and Consciences of men, by Examination, and Inquisition of what they Hold, notwithstanding the Conformity of their Speech and Actions: By which, men are either punished for answering the truth of their thoughts, or constrained to answer an untruth for fear of punishment. It is true, that the Civill Magistrate, intending to employ a Minister in the charge of Teaching, may enquire of him, if hee bee content to Preach such, and such Doctrines; and in case of refusall, may deny him the employment: But to force him to accuse himselfe of Opinions, when his Actions are not by Law forbidden, is against the Law of Nature; and especially in them, who teach, that a man shall bee damned to Eternall and extream torments, if he die in a false opinion concerning an Article of the Christian Faith. For who is there, that knowing there is so great danger in an error, when the naturall care of himself, compelleth not to hazard his Soule upon his own judgement, rather than that of any other man that is unconcerned in his damnation?

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan.