Pablo Vinuesa

Pablo Vinuesa

I am a PhD student at the University of Bath, under the supervision of Veronique Fischer. I am currently running the PGR Analysis Seminar at the University of Bath. For more information, see this website.

Research interests

My current research interests lie on harmonic analysis in the setting of Lie groups. In particular, I work on the pseudo-differential calculus of \(SU(2)\). One of the problems I consider focuses on the understanding of a Hormander-type class of symbols \(S^m(SU(2))\). I am also interested in topics in (commutative) harmonic analysis and PDEs.

Talks given

Feb 2018 - Talked at the PGR analysis seminar at the University of Bath.


Semester 2 2017/18 - (MA20219) Analysis 2B.
Semester 1 2017/18 - (MA10209) Algebra 1A.

Contact information

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