These are SPSS data files for use in our lessons. Some are my data, a few might be fictional, and some come from DASL. DASL is a good place to find extra datasets that you can use to practice your analysis techniques. I'd really recommend doing this.

To use these files, click the links with your right mouse button and choose 'Save target as...'. Save the files to your computer's desktop and then double-click them to load them into SPSS ready for analysis.

Data exploration and differences between two groups

Correlation, partial correlation and regression

  • distance.sav - These data show how far, on average, each person in the UK drives each year. We can look at the relationship between time and how far people drive.
  • timeofday.sav - Data on how drivers overtake a cyclist at different times of day
  • casandtraffic.sav - These data show the number of road casulaties each year in the UK and how far people drove each year.
  • eutax.sav - These data show the amount of tax levied across the European Union each year.
  • temprate.sav - these data relate people's body temperatures and heart rates
  • shoppostage.sav - data on the weight of parcels from a shop

Multiple regression

  • child_data.sav - these data have ages, memory measures, IQs and reading scores for a group of children.
  • examrevision.sav - these data represent measures from students used to predict how they performed in an exam.

Polynomial regression

Effect sizes

Cluster analysis

  • europecluster.sav - these data show the percentage of eligible people doing lifelong learning and education spending for various European countries
  • cluster_children.sav - the data on children's reading and cognitive performance again
  • cities.sav - These data describe cities around the world
  • organisms.sav - These data describe various organisms

Factor analysis

  • personality.sav - a set of responses from a personality questionnaire.
  • SAQ.sav - fictional statistics anxiety questionnaire from Andy Field's textbook resources

Independent-measures analysis of variance (ANOVA)

  • iqdata.sav - IQ scores from three groups of undergraduates of different disciplines.
  • rts.sav - Reaction times from three groups of people on a cognitive task.

Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA)

  • iqdata2.sav - the IQ data above with a measure of participants' ages

Two-way independent-measures ANOVA

  • drugtrial.sav - data on the effects of a drug on both men and women with different doses
  • PsychBike.sav - data from bicycle overtaking project
  • filternoise.sav - engine noise from differently sized cars with two types of filter.

Repeated-measures/split-plot ANOVA

  • noisedata.sav - task performance under various levels of background noise
  • cycledata.sav - data from drivers judging a cyclist's intentions in two different road situations when he was seen either giving an arm-signal, looking back over his shoulder, or giving no signal at all.
  • noisedata2.sav - similar data collected on two occasions.