Welcome to second-year statistics! A knowledge of statistics is vital if we want to understand the world around us because nothing stays the same. Almost every time we look at the world, it changes. If you take two different people and measure their personalities, they will have different scores. If you take one person and assess them on two different days, they will produce different scores. In other words, the measurements you obtain from people always vary. Psychologists use statistics to cope with this variation. Essentially, we are interested in saying:

"Measurements vary all the time. How much of this variation is interesting? How much of it is caused by psychological factors and how much of it is just 'random'?"

This course provides you with the information and skills you need to answer questions like this. In particular, you will learn to use the popular SPSS software package to analyse data at the same time as learning the theory behind the tests. By the end of the course you should be able to decide which analysis to use in any given situation and know how to carry it out.