When starting out with SPSS it's often difficult to remember exactly what to click. To help a little, I've prepared some narrated screencasts of how to do various key tests.

Some of these movies were prepared using the Mac version of SPSS, which might look very slightly different to what you see on a PC, but the differences are trivial*. In all of the movies I'm using datasets which are available to you on my stats teaching pages; for most, I use the data from my bicycle overtaking study, in which I measured the space drivers left when passing a bicycle on the road. I use these data because, as you'll see, they are perfect for illustrating some points about normal distributions.

NB These are HD videos, so you can use the full-screen viewing option to get more detail if you want it.

Frequency histograms

A quick reference to how to plot a frequency histogram, showing how often low, high and in-between scores appear in a dataset.

Data transformation

When data are skewed, doing an appropriate calculation to all the data can often correct this.

Two-sample t-test

For testing whether the means of two sets of data are significantly different.

Mann-Whitney U test

A common test for whether two groups' scores have significantly different means

One-way independent-measures ANOVA



Hierarchical regression

Repeated-measures ANOVA

Bar chart