ESRC Research Seminar Series


Topic: Identities and Consumption: January 2006 July 2007


Seminar Series Organiser: Dr Christine Griffin, Psychology, University of Bath, UK


Many social scientists now argue that consumption has come to play an increasingly important role in shaping our sense of ourselves and our place in the world. Research in this area has been disparate and contradictory and spread across several academic disciplines. This seminar series provides a forum for debate at the cutting edge of current research, bringing together researchers from diverse approaches, and linking academic research to current social policy and practice. It will also provide a forum for the development of international links through the participation of invited overseas speakers who are leading researchers in the field. The series consists of five half-day seminars spread over two years plus one mini-conference. The seminar topics comprise: branding and marketing, child and youth consumption, representation and consumption, marginalized consumers, citizenship and new forms of social and political participation. The final two-day mini-conference will focus on health, identities and consumption. Each seminar will involve one international speaker and one postgraduate speaker, along with one UK-based academic speaker. The final conference will include international keynote speakers, panels on specified topics involving a combination of researchers, policymakers and practitioners.


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