CURRICULUM VITAE:       Professor Christine GRIFFIN





Oct 1972 - July 1975:              Department of Applied Psychology, University of Aston in Birmingham, BSc. Hons. Human Psychology.

Oct 1975 - Sept 1978:             Department of Psychology, University of Birmingham, PhD. in Social Psychology, 'Intergroup discrimination and social identity'.




Jan 1979 - July 1982:               Research Fellow, Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, University of Birmingham, SSRC-funded project on 'Young Women and Work:  with special reference to gender and the family'.

Sept 1983 - Sept 1985:            Research Associate (equivalent to Fellow), Centre for Mass Communication Research, University of Leicester, study of 'Ethnic Minority Youth Unemployment', funded by Leicestershire County Council.




Sept 1985 - Sept 1996:            Lecturer in Social Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Birmingham.

Oct 1996 – Sept 2003: Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Birmingham.

Oct 2003 – July 2006:              Reader in Social Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Bath.

July 2006 – present:                  Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Bath.





1)         Representations of youth / adolescence and young people’s experiences of school / education / training, waged work and unemployment, leisure, sexuality and family life. 


2)         The role of consumption, branding and marketing of goods and services in relation to social identification processes, especially amongst children and young people.


3)         Social-psychological and socio-cultural aspects of gender relations and gendered identification, including research on men and masculinities.


  4)       The use of qualitative research techniques and methodologies in applied contexts: including grounded theory; discourse analytic techniques; analysis of the role of narrative; the application of ethnographic methods and cultural analysis to social psychology; and forging links between academic research and ‘practice’. 






Griffin, C. (PI) & Willott, S.: 'The relationship between unemployment, crime and masculinity in the accounts of male offenders and ex-offenders', 1995-97, £65,467 awarded. Ref: R000236020. Rapporteur’s report: ‘Outstanding’.

Griffin, C. (PI) & Phoenix, A. (OU): ‘Consuming identities: Young people, cultural forms & negotiations in households: Sept 2001-Jan 2005: £161,400. Ref: R000239287. Rapporteur’s report: ‘Good’

Griffin, C.: ESRC Research Seminar Series: ‘New Approaches to Inter-disciplinary Youth Research’: Sept 2000-July 2002: £11,524 awarded. Ref: R451-26-4915-99.

Griffin, C.: ESRC Research Seminar Series: ‘Identities and consumption’: Jan 2006-July 2007. £13,779 awarded. Ref: RES-451-25-4062.

Riley, S.  (PI) & Griffin, C.:  ‘Reverberating rhythms: Social identity & political participation in clubland’: Oct 2005-Sept 2007: £45,000. Ref: RES-00-22-1171.

Griffin, C. (PI), Szmigin, I. (B’ham), Mistral, W. (Bath) & Hackley, C. (RHC, London): ‘Branded consumption & social identification: Young people & alcohol’: April 2005-Sept 2007: £208,054. Part of Identities & Social Action Research Programme. Ref: RES-148-25-0021.

Bengry-Howell, A. (PI), Griffin, C. (Co-Mentor), Riley, S. (Co-Mentor) & Szmigin, I. (Co-Mentor): ‘Negotiating managed consumption: Young people, branding and social identification processes’: October 2007-September 2010. £319,788 (FEC)/ £255,830 (ESRC). Ref RES-061-25-0129.


Externally-funded Research (non-UK)


Funding Body               Amount    Date             Applicants                                Award

European Science      14,000       Oct      Consortium for Culture &                ESF Workshop

Foundation (ESF)       euros          2003    Generation Studies (CCGS)            Strasbourg


Title of ESF Workshop: ‘New forms of citizenship: Civic dimensions of leisure and consumption for young generations in global cities’.  I am on the Executive Board of CCGS.



Membership of External Research Groups / Steering Committees


(a)        Executive Board and UK representative on Consortium for Culture and Generation Studies (CCGS), international inter-disciplinary research group: 2001 – present.

(b)        Advisory Committee, ESRC Qualitative Data Archival Resource Centre: Psychology representative: 1999 - present.

(c)        Steering Committee, Birmingham Untreated Heavy Drinkers research project, funded by Department of Health: 1996 – present.

(d)        Advisory Group, ESRC Research Programme on ‘Youth, Citizenship and Social Change’: 1999 - 2003.

(e)        Steering Group, Centre for Socio-cultural Activity Theory and Research, Faculty of Education, University of Birmingham: 2002-3003.

(f)         Steering Committee, Adolescent Health and Family Life research project, funded by Department of Health: 1989-1992.



Editorial Positions on Academic Journals

(a)        Journal of Youth Studies:  International Editorial Board*:                     1997 - present

(b)        Feminism and Psychology:  International Editorial Advisor*    1996 - present

(c )       British Journal of Social Psychology: Editorial Consultant*                 1999-2004            

(d)        Gender and Education: Editorial Board*                                            1997 – 2001

(e)        Qualitative Studies in Education:  UK Editorial Advisor*                   1989 – 1997

(f)         Feminism and Psychology:  Founder member of Editorial Group         1991 - 1995

[*  Despite the different titles, these positions are all editorial advisory roles]


I also review manuscripts for several other academic journals, including Sexualities, Culture, Health and Sexuality, Journal of Health Psychology, Journal of Men’s Studies, Journal of Adolescence, Feminist Review, Psychology of Women Quarterly, Adolescence, British Journal of Educational Psychology and the British Journal of the Sociology of Education.



External Examining on UG and PG degree Courses

(a)  D317 3rd level Social Psychology course, Open University: Jan 2002 - Dec 2004

(b)  BA and BSc in Psychology, University College Dublin, Ireland:  Oct 2001 - May 2004

(c )  BSc in Social Science (Psychology) De Montfort University:            Jan 1997 – July 2000

(d)  MA/PostGrad Diploma in Youth and Community Work

Manchester Metropolitan University:                                         Oct 1994 – July 2000

(e)  MA in Research Methods, University of Central England:    Oct 1996 - July 1999

(f)  MA in Women’s Studies, University of Lancaster:                Oct 1993 - Nov 1996

(g)  BA in Applied Social Studies, Coventry University:             June 1991 - Sept 1994

(h)  BA in Applied Social Studies, North London Polytechnic:   June 1987 - Sept 1991


External Examining of PG Research Degrees

(a)        24 PhD theses:

2 @  University of Cambridge, UK                   1989, 1991

2 @  Open University, UK                               1989, 2003                             

1 @  University of Bristol, UK              1989

1 @  University of Nottingham, UK                  1994

1 @  University of Lahore, Pakistan                  1994

2 @  University of London, UK                        1995, 1998

3 @  Manchester Metropolitan University         1996, 1998, 2001

2 @  University of Surrey, UK              1996, 2006     

2 @  University of Auckland, New Zealand      1996, 1998

1 @  University of York, UK                            1997

1 @  University of East London, UK                1997

1@ University of Teesside, UK                        2001

1 @ Sheffield Hallam University, UK                2002

1 @ University of East Anglia, UK                    2004

1 @ University of Loughborough, UK   2005

1 @ University of Adelaide, Australia                2006

1 @ University of Warwick, UK                       2006


(b)        7 ClinPsyD theses:    7 @ University of Leicester, UK                 2001, 2002

(c )       3 MLitt theses:           3 @ University College Dublin, Ireland    2002, 2003, 2004     

Externally-funded Private and Public Sector Research/Consultancies


Funding Body     Amount    Date            Applicants                               Award

(a)  B’ham         £8,000      Sep 94 -    Prof. R Cochrane                     Research-based project

City Council                       Dec 97      Ms S Phillips (B’ham uni)          Health education Unit


Title: ‘Knowledge of sexual health services amongst Birmingham secondary school students’.

            Limited publication only.


Funding Body     Amount    Date            Applicants                               Award

(b)  Private      £200,000    Jan 95-      Prof. R Cochrane                     Research-based

sector company                 Dec 96      Ms S Phillips (B’ham uni)          consultancy


Title:  ‘Cultures of organisational change in a company linked to the motor manufacturing industry’.  Embargo on publication.


Funding Body     Amount    Date            Applicants                               Award

(c )  Private     £10,000     Aug 92-     Prof. R Cochrane                     Research-based

sector company                Apr 93       Ms S Phillips                            consultancy

                                                            Dr R Bradbury (all B’ham uni)


Title: ‘The culture of organisational change in finance company linked to the motor manufacturing industry’.  Embargo on publication.



Postgraduate Supervision


(a)        Current Postgraduate Students:

Funding            Student             Title/Topic

Bath Uni         Bethlehem Tekola


Studentship     (Co-supervised with Dr Laura Camfield)


Bath Uni         Carlo Perotta

Studentship     (Co-supervised with Dr R.ichard Joiner)


ESRC              Jason Pelplinski

                        (Co-supervised with Dr Sarah Riley)


AHRC             Craig Owens

                        (Co-supervised with Dr Sarah Riley)


(b)        PhD students supervised to completion (on dates specified below)

Funding     Date    Student                    Title/Topic

ESRC       2007    Nick Nash              ‘Discourses of environmental change’


Bham Uni  2006   Andrew                  ‘Performative motor-car display: The cultural

Psych                    Bengry-Howell       construction of masculine identities’



ESRC      2001   Martin Holt     ‘Social construction of sexual identities in young people’. 

(Awarded 2-year Leverhulme Postdoc Travel Scholarship to Australia from 2001– 2003)


Self        2000    Angela Burns   ‘Meanings of love and romance in heterosexual relationships’ (External student registered with Open University)


Bham    1999     Sara Willott    ‘Masculine identity, unemployment and criminal activity’

Uni Dept

Studentship + ESRC grant.


Self        1994     Kate Corr          ‘Unspeakable stories of eating problems and abuse’


Self        1993     Bianca Petkova ‘Womanhood in Bulgaria before and after Perestroika’


Self        1992     Justine Huxley   ‘Fruit machine gambling in young men and women’

+ ESRC studentship 1991-92


Self        1991     Julie Hepworth  ‘Discourses of anorexia nervosa’

+ ESRC studentship 90-91


Iraqi       1990   Nadhim Al-Talib: ‘Delinquency and self-concept in adolescents’

Government scholarship                                                           



(c )       ClinPsyD students supervised to completion (on dates specified below)

Date    Student             Title/Topic

2002:   Rachel Hirschfeld:         ‘How young men make sense of psychosis’

2002:   Ian Wilson:       ‘Peers’ perceptions of children with atypical gender identity disorder’

2000:   Fameeda Ansari:           ‘Eating attitudes in young Asian and white women’

1999:   Evrinomy Avdi:            ‘Parents’ constructions during assessment of their child for autistic spectrum disorder’

1998:   Gwen Hollis:                ‘Motherhood and women’s problem drug use’

1997:   Emma Gifford: ‘Eating attitudes in young women’

1996:   Lisa Walton:                ‘Effects of parental separation on children’

1995:   Gary Willington:    ‘Homophobia in psychologists and its effect on clinical judgements’

(All funded by NHS busaries)






1)        Undergraduate teaching


(a)        University of Bath

Director of Studies and main lecturer for the following units on the BSc Psychology (Hons) Programme:

(i)         Year 2 Research Methods and Design (2003 – 2007)

(ii)        Year 4 Understanding Gender Relations option (2004-2007)




(b)        University of Birmingham

Course organiser and main lecturer for the following modules on the BSc Psychology (Hons) Programme:

(i)         Year 1 Social Psychology (1986 – 1999)

(ii)        Year 2 Critical Social Psychology (1996 - 1998)

(iii)       Year 2 Practical Work: 5 week slot on Qualitative Social Research Methods

 (iv)      Year 3 Gender Relations and Social Psychology option (2002).

 (v)      Organiser of new Elective module in Applied Psychology and revised Introduction to Psychology Elective (2002 – 2003)

(vi)       Occasional lectures ‘Youth, Culture and Society’ module organised by Prof Hilary Pilkington, Russian/Eastern European Studies (1999 – 2003)


2)         Postgraduate teaching


(a)        University of Bath

(i)         MSc. Science Culture and Communication units:

            Lectures on Measurement and Meaning unit (2003 – 2007)

            Lectures on Science & Communication unit (2003 –2007)

(ii)        MRes. units:

            Lectures and workshop on Qualitative Methods 1 and 2 (2003 – 2007)


(b)        University of Birmingham

(i)        Sessions on Psychology Doctoral Programme on ‘Qualitative Research Methods’ and ‘Critical Analysis’ (1996 – 2003)

(ii)        Sessions on ClinPsyD course on ‘Qualitative Research Methods’ and ‘Discourse Analysis’ (1994 – 2000)

(iii)       Session on MPhil in Gender and Women’s Studies on ‘Feminist Theories’ and ‘Research Methods’ (1998 – 2001)

(iv)       Supervision of 1 x ClinPsyD dissertation per year.





1)         University of Bath

(a)        Director of Studies, Critical Social Psychology strand of MRes in Psychology (from October 2005)

(b)        Psychology rep, Faculty working group on options for a Faculty Graduate School/Institute (from July 2004)

(c)        Chair, Departmental Research Committee (from October 2004)

(d)        Psychology rep, Faculty Research Committee (from October 2004)

(e)        Co-ordinator, Social, Cultural and Critical Psychology research group

(f)         Head of Department (2007-2010)


2)         University of Birmingham: Psychology

(a)        Convenor and Chair: School Strategy Group (elected post): 2000 – 2003

(b)        Elected Member of Resources sub-committee: 2000 - 2001

(c )      Elected Member and Chair of Undergraduate Studies Sub-committee

(d)       Member of Teaching and Learning Committee: (internal teaching audit): 1998-2003

(e)        Welfare Co-ordinator for undergraduate and postgraduate students: 1998 - 2001

(f)        Mentor for Contract Research Staff: 1998 – 2001

(g)       First Year Tutor & Admissions Tutor


3)         University of Birmingham: University activities

(a)       Member of University Undergraduate and Postgraduate Appeals Committees

(b)       Elected Representative of Psychology academic staff on Senate: 2002 – 2003

(c )      AUT representative on University Stress Review Group: 2002 – 2003

(d)       AUT representative on University Equality and Diversity Steering Group: 2003 – 2003

(e)       AUT representative on Equal Opportunities Working Party: 1997-99: reported to University Staffing Committee, November 1999


(f)        Psychology representative on Science Faculty Board and Science Faculty Undergraduate sub-committee

(g)       Member of Birmingham University AUT Committee; convenor of local AUT Equal opportunities sub-committee; Psychology departmental AUT representative; occasional member of B’ham AUT Team on Joint Negotiating Committee.

(h)       University of Birmingham Harassment Advisor; present occasional training sessions for new Harassment Advisors.