Latest news items:

1.      Prof Soleimani has created a new MSc program in AI for engineering and design.

2.      We hosted dxCT2023

3.      Prof Soleimani amongst top 2% of most cited scientits in the world.

4.      Outsading project with OGM

5.      Research impact from ETL

6.      Outsounding project with NiftyLift complete.

7.      4D  Skin

8.      First-look inside steel manufacture, Physics world

9.      I led the University memership of CERN CMS Feb 2019

10.  Hosting WCIPT9

11.  Participation in report published in House of Lord, Era of Mathamtics.

12.  New EU project TOMOCON.

13.  Two new projects for ETL.

14.  ETL director Manuch Soleimani has been promoted to Perosnal Chair (Full Professor) form 1th of Dec 2016.

15.  Sir Bobby Charlton receives his well deserved honorary degree from University of  Bath.

16.  New X-ray Tomography Software TIGRE is relased together with CERN.

17.  New project for smart water-meter.

18.  New project in steel casting shown in Daily Mail.

19.  ETL started exciting new project in Landmine detection.

20.  Newest issue of the Royal Society  Journal is Guest Edited by Dr Soleimani.

21.  Dr Soleimani is promoted to Reader.

22.  Exciting new project for ETL, using Sonar to monitor Ocean Mamals.

23.  ETL starts new collaboration with CERN.

24.  Congradulations to  PhD student LU Ma in wining Schlumberger faculty of future prize ($50K Prize) for second time and a Chines best PhD prize .

25.  Final year PhD student Lu Ma will present in the  Houses of Parliament in March 2014.

26.  Dr Soleimani is promoted to Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), 1 May 2013.

27.  Dr Soleimani won the  Personal Tutor of the year award for 2012/13”.

28.  IMEE final year student Marainth Evangelidis won the IET “Present around the world award” on here work on capacitance tomoraphy.

29.  ETL PhD student Lu Ma has been awarded Schlumberger faculty of future scholarship($50K Prize). 2013

30.  Our Paper,A pressure mapping imaging device based on electrical impedance tomography of conductive fabrics”, was selected as highly commended by journal of  “Sensor Review”, as top 3 papers for 2012. May 2013.

31.  Our paper titled ,” Volumetric Magnetic induction tomography”, was selected as highlight paper for 2012  for IOP  journal of “measurement science and technology”. 2013

32.  Engineering Tomography Laboratory (ETL) Benefits from Two Newly Awarded KTPs.2013

33.  PhD Student Kent Wei  is shortlisted for the final of  EPSRC ICT Pioneer competition.2012

34.  Dr Soleimani co-founder of  Bath Robotic Challenge travels to Singapore.2012

35.  Dr Soleimani co-founder of Bath Robotics challenge travels to Malaysia. 2012

36.  BBC news item in X-ray CT for bee hive. 2010

37.  Dr Soleimani hosts international EIT conference. 2011.

38.  Dr Soleimani has  presented in the  Houses of Parliament in March 2009.

39.  Our Paper:  Level set reconstruction of conductivity and permittivity from boundary electrical measurements using experimental data, was selected as highest Cited paper for journal of  Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering”. May 2009.

40.  New lecturer, Manuchehr Soleimani, appointed to the Department. 1 May 2008