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Andrew Graves

Professor Andrew Graves is a mechanical engineer and political scientist and began his industrial career as a trainee manager with the Rootes Group in 1966.  His passion for racing motor cycles and automobiles then led to his involvement with Formula 1 and 2 racing as development engineer and team manager.  He worked at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex from 1985 where he undertook research with MIT’s International Motor Vehicle Programme on R&D and technology issues and subsequently became European Director to the programme.  In 1994 he moved to the University of Bath’s School of Management and now holds the Chair for the Management of Technology.


Job Title:

Professor Andrew Graves, CBE
Professorial Fellow, Management of Technology
BA, DPhil

School of Management:

Postal Address:

+ 44 1225 386689
+ 44 1225 386135
School of Management
University of Bath
Bath, BA2 7AY
United Kingdom

Research Programmes:


  Agile Construction www.site  -  http://www.bath.ac.uk/management/agile/home.html

  UK Lean Aerospace Initiative  -  http://www.bath.ac.uk/imrc/management/aero.htm

  3 Day Car -  http://www.3daycar.com/

  5 Day Car / ILIPT (EU project)  -  http://www.ilipt.org/public/

   International Motor Vehicle Programme, MIT -   http://imvp.mit.edu/

   HM Treasury publications  -  http://www.nao.gov.uk  

   Bath IMRC http://www.bath.ac.uk/imrc/


Professional Bodies:


  Aerospace, Innovation & Growth Team, AIGT, DTI

  Automotive Innovation & Growth Team, DTI

  University of Swindon Steering Group

  Foresight Vehicle Steering Group EAP, DTI

  SMMT Motorists Working Group

  EPSRC Daresbury Panel CSED 2005

  DfES Expert Panel for Schools PFU (Gov)

  H M Treasury Benchmarking GCCP & Performance Measures Panel



Major Grants, Contracts and Consultancies:

3 DAY CAR PROGRAMME (3DC) - EPSRC & industry sponsored

5 DAY CAR / Intelligent Logistics for Innovative Products and Technologies, EU 6th Framework project


LEAN XEUR Aerospace EU collaborative proejct


Major Publications:

- Howard, M, Miemczyk, J & Graves, A (2005) “A strategic approach towards integrating painting for building to order”. International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management. 5 (1). 1-17
- "CBI Business Guide - Best Practice Explained" - a glossary of terms and concepts, (2004 June), ISBN 1 901844 55 2, CBI, DTI & Caspian Publishing Ltd, www.cbi.org.uk/bookshop, Contributions: Graves, A
- Crute, V., Ward, Y., Brown, S. & Graves, A. (2003), “Implementing Lean in Aerospace – challenging the assumptions and understanding the challenges”, Technovation, No. 23, pp917-928.
- Stone, G, Ward, Y, Crute, V. & Graves, A. (2002), “Aerospace Metrics 2002”, UK Lean Aerospace Initiative, Society of British Aerospace Companies publication.
- Johns, R., Crute, V. & Graves, A. (2002), “Lean Supply: Cost Reduction of Waste Reduction?”, UK Lean Aerospace Initiative, Society of British Aerospace Companies publication.
- Howard, M., Young, K. & Graves, A. (2001), "Towards the 3DayCar: Vehicle Design and its impact on Rapid Build-to-Order", International Journal of Vehicle Design. Vol. 26, No. 5
- Holt, R. & Graves, A. (2001) "Benchmarking UK Government Procurement in Construction Projects, Measuring Business Excellence", 5: 4, 13-21
- Hall, Dr M, Holt, Dr R, Graves, Prof. A. "Private Finance, Public Roads; configuring the supply chain in PFI highway construction", (2000), European Journal of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Issue 3
- Graves Prof. A, Rowe, D, "Constructing the Best Government Client: Benchmarking the Government Client, Stage II Study", December (1999), H M Treasury, HMSO [ISBN 0 947819 657]
- Lee, S.J., Graves, Prof. A, "Benchmarking Production Processes in Civil Engineering", Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Civil Engineering, Volume 138,(2000), p169-175
- Graves, Prof. A, Sheath, D, Rowe D, Sykes, M., "Constructing the Best Government Client: The Government Client Improvement Study", (1998), H M Treasury, HMSO [ISBN 0 947819 614]
- Graves, Prof. A., "Fuel, Environment and the Economy: Automobiles and the Voice of Society" Science in Parliament (1995).
Graves, Prof. A., - contributions to Womack, J P; Jones, D T and Roos, D: contributions to "The Machine that Changed the World", New York, Rawson Associates, Collier MacMillan, (1990).



Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering, Aerodynamics, Airframe Structures and Materials, Wind Tunnels, Process Development Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Steel Structures, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Transportation Engineering Design, Highway Engineering, Public Policy Systems Analysis, Highway Construction/Work Zones, Vehicle Impact, Engineering Innovation Processes, Engineering Personnel Management, Automotive Engineering, Emission Control, Marine Engineering, Energy Release/Transport, Manufacturing Engineering, Automation, Office, Business Administration, Management Sciences, Manpower Studies, Purchasing/Procurement, Quality/Product Control, Problem Solving, Training and Development, International Management, Technology, Technology Transfer, Aircraft Avionics, Airframe Design, Aviation Technology, Mobility Fuels Technology


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