Dr Adalgisa Giorgio


Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies
Erasmus Coordinator (Incoming Students)
Language Contact Semester Two 2010-11
Chair of Equalities & Diversity University Network
Coordinator of Gender & Sexuality Research Network

Department of European Studies and Modern Languages
University of Bath
Bath BA2 7AY

Tel: (01225) 386171
Fax: (01225) 386099
E-mail: A.Giorgio@bath.ac.uk


Born in Pagani (SA), Italy.

Degree in Modern European Languages and Cultures at Istituto Universitario Orientale, Naples, Italy.

1978-85, Lector in Italian at the Universities of  Reading and Oxford.

1987, PhD, University of Reading.

1987-1989, Senior Tutor, University of Auckland, NZ.

Since 1991, Lecturer in Italian at the University of Bath. Promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2000.


Department of European Studies and Modern Languages, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY
Tel: 01225 386171 Fax: 01225 386099
E-mail: A.Giorgio@bath.ac.uk

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