Mattia Cacciatori
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Mr Mattia Cacciatori
Dept of Politics, Languages & International Studies
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PhD Research Programme in Politics, Languages & International Studies
+44 1225 388388
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Mr Mattia Cacciatori
Dept of Politics, Languages & International Studies
University of Bath
United Kingdom

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My Current Research:

My current research investigates the role of great powers in humanitarian crises. In particular, I am focused in understanding decision-making dynamics that are shaped by concepts of responsibility. This idea is developed through an understanding of theoretical approaches towards responsibility, as well as applying that to the current emergence of the Islamic State(IS).


[under review] International Norms on the Move: Reflecting on the Role of the International Criminal Court in Syria, Contemporary Security Policy .

The International Criminal Court must fix its anti-African image, Open Democracy, 20 October 2014

Understanding the Nature of the Islamic State is Key to Formulate Appropriate Responses, University of Bath Opinion, 14 October 2014

China, Russia, and Ukraine: Signs of a Ruined Friendship?, co-authored with Neville Li, Orizzontinternazionali, 23 October 2014

How investigating Britain for crimes in Iraq can save the International Criminal Court, The Conversation, 27 October 2014

Palestine and the International Criminal Court, Justice Hub, 14 January 2015

Chlorine attacks continue in Syria with no prospect of Assad being brought to account, co-authored with Dr. Edwards, The Conversation , 8 April 2015

Repairing and Reparations: Buying Victims’ Silence in the DRC?, Justice in Conflict, 24 April 2015

Seminar Teaching:

International Relations and Global Politics - PL10510, University of Bath

Key Concepts in Politics, PL10505, - University of Bath

Political Ideologies - PL10410, University of Bath

Guest Lectures:

International Relations and Global Politics, University of Bath: 'International Cooperation and the United Nations, 10 April 2015

International Security (PG), University of Bath: The International Criminal Court as a Security Agent, 15 April 2015

International Relations of East Asia (PG), University of Milan: China as a Reluctant Covenant, 19 April 2015

International Relations and Human Rights (PG), University of Venice

Appearences in the Media:

Kenyatta and the ICC, Voice of the Cape, 21 October 2014

Palestine Joins the ICC, Voice of the Cape, 6 January 2015
Other Relevant Experience:

Reviewer for Oxford’s International Journal of Transitional Justice (IJTJ), 2014-

Reviewer for Oxford Journal of African Affairs (OJAA), 2014-

Assistant Editor of Eyes on the ICC, 2014-

Editor and Contributor of the Italian Portal Orizzontinternazionali, 2012-

Chair of the International Relations and Politics Postgraduate Group, 2014-

Conference Organizer, Changing Lives, Changing Worlds, University of Bath 7 June 2015

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