Hints for Exercises in The Art of Computer Networking

Quite often, exercises in textbooks tend to be of the form "write down everything you know about X", where X was just covered in the current chapter. While this is good at testing the student's ability to flip back a few pages and spot the relevant sections, it is less good at reinforcing the learning of the concepts covered.

The exercises in this book are meant to help the student to go out and try things. The best way to learn about the ins and outs of networks is by experience and practice.

Many of the exercises don't have "correct" answers, but are there to test the student's ability to think, reflect and make decisions where there is no single "best" solution. In fact, we expect the responses to some exercises to change over time as technology changes over time.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Layering models

Chapter 3: The Physical and Link Layers 1. Ethernet

Chapter 4: The Physical and Link Layers 2. Going Further

Chapter 5: The Physical and Link Layers 3. Wireless and Beyond

Chapter 6: The Network/Internet Layer. IP

Chapter 7: Routing IP

Chapter 8: The Domain Name System

Chapter 9: The Transport Layer

Chapter 10: TCP Strategies

Chapter 11: The Presentation Layer

Chapter 12: The Application Layer

Chapter 13: Issues of Security

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