Vision, Video and Graphics


one day workshop


Friday 14th September 2007

Warwick University

In association with BMVC 2007




08:30   welcome

09.00   Phil Torr

10.00   papers

           1. V Gay-Beillile et al, Direct Image Registration with Adaptive Multi-Resolution

2. H. Bhaskar and L. Mihaylova., Human Body Parts Detections Using Pictorial Structures and Evolutionary Algorithms.

              3. A. Shihab et al, Court-Shot Detection in Tennis Broadcast Video

11.00   coffee

11:30   Erik Reinhart

12.00   papers

1. A. Woodland, H. Ugail and F. Labrosse, The PDF surface method in higher dimensions.

2. B. Theobald, I. Matthews, N. Wilkonson, J.F. Cohen and S. Boker, Animating Faces Using Appearance models.

3. Wei Quan, J. Matuszewski, L-K Shrak, and D. Ait-Boudaoud, 3D Facial Expression Representation using B-spline Statistical Shape Model.

13.00   lunch

14:00   Shai Avidan

15:00   coffee

15:30   Aaron Hertzmann

16:30   VVG meeting

17:30   close