Modern Perspectives in
Real and Stochastic Analysis

An international conference at

from April 2nd to April 5th 2007.

Real and stochastic analysis have common roots, and although both fields have developed enormously in the past decades there is an ever increasing pool of methods and ideas which are shared by both areas. The purpose of this conference is to bring together leading researchers in both fields for a fruitful exchange of the new ideas at the interface of real and stochastic analysis.

Some specific themes which exemplify the nature of the new trends in the interaction between real and stochastic analysis are: martingale methods in real analysis, Hausdorff dimension of random sets and processes, fractal geometry of attractors in the theory of stochastic dynamcial systems and flows, stochastic processes on manifolds, theory of local times of stochastic processes, holomorphic and differentiable families of measures, ergodic theory of interacting particle systems, or properties of risk measures in mathematical finance. This incomplete list can only give a hint of the multitude and depth of the interactions, which spans across both pure and more applied fields.

Venue: TU Kaiserslautern, Building 42 in and around Lecture Theatre 110.


  • Jochen Blath (TU Berlin)
  • Ralf Korn (TU Kaiserslautern)
  • Peter Mörters (Bath)
  • Michael Scheutzow (TU Berlin)
  • Heinrich von Weizsäcker (TU Kaiserslautern)


  Here you find a list of the speakers and their talks.


  Here you find a selection of phtographs taken during the conference.


  Here you can download the final schedule of talks.


  During the conference we will celebrate the 60th birthday of Heinrich von Weizsäcker.

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