Bath-Berlin Workshop "Phase boundaries and random polymers"

Taking place at the University of Bath from September 12th to 14th 2011.

Organisers Nicolas Dirr, Peter Mörters and Max von Renesse.

The workshop is devoted to mathematical models of microscopic interfaces, phase boundaries and random polymers, both in discrete and continuous descriptions.
The aim is to provide a platform for cross-community interaction between researchers working in different fields like statistical mechanics, random media and SPDE.

There were 13 invited talks between lunchtime on September 12th and lunchtime on September 14th.
Invited speakers were Matthias Birkner, Dirk Bloemker, Neil O'Connell, Antal Jarai, Hubert Lacoin, Matteo Novaga,
Matthias Röger, Abdelhadi Es-Sarhir, Michael Scheutzow, Björn Stinner, Fabio Toninelli, Hendrik Weber
and Nikos Zygouras.

Available slides and abstacts can be found here.

The programme can be found here.

The workshop is funded by Prob-L@B and the DFG-Forschergruppe 718 "Analysis and Stochastics in Complex Physical Systems".

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