Various papers and references of James Davenport

Incomplete Drafts
Slides at Various Meetings (2007)
Papers at various MKM conferences in PDF: 2003, 2008 (associated converter here), AISC 2008, Calculemus 2007, Calculemus 2008,
Papers at various ISSAC conferences in PDF: 1992 (at one point I mistakenly attributed this to 1991), 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2013.
SIGSAM Bulletin papers on OpenMath Content Dictionaries (dvi, PostScript or PDF) and Small Type System (dvi, PostScript or PDF).
Talk at LMS Durham Symposium, available in dvi, ps and pdf. Follow-up paper in cryptography, available in ps and pdf.
Several papers with the team at the University of Western Ontario are available here.
"Composite Computing Methods Integrating Symbolic, Numeric and Graphical Packages for Research Engineers" Final Project Report of a JTAP-funded project.
"Galois Groups and the Simplification of Polynomials" Programmirovanie 1997 1 pp. 43-58.
Report 88-12 "Solution of some equations in biochemistry" in pdf
Report 88-10 "Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition" in pdf
Report 87-06 "Looking at a set of Equations" (and in dvi)
Presentation on Information Technology
Talk on OpenMath: the future
Talk at Future of Mathematical Communication 99