Ivan's personal tutoring page

1. Advice to Continuing students

Below are links to notes from re-induction sessions run by DoS team (2017-18). These will help personal tutors give advice to students at the mid-way stage of the year about what they have to do to pass at the end of the year.

Year 1      Continuing students      Finalists

2. Flow charts for decisions of BEPs

These explain how the decisions on their progression or degree classification will be reached. The best way to get to the relevant flowchart is to go to the Programme and Unit Catalogue, then click on the code number of the degree you are interested in, the scroll down to the relevant year and then click on the link to the NFAAR regulations (which will be to an appendix of the NFAAR document)      Programme and Unit Catalogue

3. Information on IMCs


4. Supplementary assessment

Supplementary assessment