Ivan Graham  - Biodata

Professor of Numerical Analysis
Department of Mathematical Sciences

University of Bath
, Bath   BA2 7AY,
United Kingdom

Telephone (Direct Dial):      +44 1225 826343
Telephone (Department Office):        +44 1225 826997
Email me here:  Ivan Graham 


After attending school in  Northern Ireland,  I did an MA  in Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh (1975) and  a PhD in Numerical Analysis at the University of New South Wales (1981).   My advisor was Ian Sloan.

I held teaching positions at  the University of New South Wales and the University of Melbourne before coming to Bath in 1985. I have held the position of Professor of Numerical Analysis at Bath  since May 2000.

At Bath I served as Head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences from 2012-2015 and as Head of the Mathematics Group from 2001-2004.

My research is in numerical analysis: a branch of applied mathematics concerned with computational problem solving, and having applications (mostly) in science and technology (and sometimes) in other fields like  medicine and social sciences. This discipline uses rigorous theoretical mathematics to obtain advances in algorithms and software.

Most problems I am interested in are written in terms of partial differential equations. A main aim of numerical analysis is to devise fast, accurate and reliable solution techniques. Applications in which I am currently interested include: fluid flow in uncertain media, seismic imaging of the earth's subsurface and the analysis of the safety of reactors. My work is regularly supported by Industry, and is currently supported by AMEC Foster Wheeler plc and Schlumberger Gould Research.

Technical Keywords for my current research interests include: Wave propagation and scattering, high frequency, iterative methods, domain decomposition, seismic inversion, uncertainty quantification, random media, high-dimensional problems, quasi-Monte Carlo methods, adaptive methods, PDE eigenproblems, neutron transport, neutron diffusion.

I have had substantial research collaborations in Australia, USA, Germany and Switzerland and visiting positions at University of Iowa, University of Kiel, University of New South Wales, Max-Planck Institute Leipzig, California Institute of Technology, Radon Institute (Linz, Austria), University of Zuerich and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

I am a  Member of SIAM and the LMS and currently serve on the EPSRC Peer Review College. I am an Associate Editor of Mathematics of Computation , IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, Advances in Computational Mathematics and Journal of Integral Equations and Applications

My   Erdös number  is   3 .

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