Programming and Discrete Mathematics

My Examples sheets for XX10190, Programming and Discrete Mathematics, Semester 2 (February-May 2017), will accessible from here along with some brief solutions.

The solutions to the 2015 exam in the library have a page missing. I cannot correct that, but here is my version.

If you want to, you can look again at the slideshow introducing you to Alice, Bob, Eve, Pat and Fred.

Here are the big numbers for Sheet 4 and the big numbers for Sheet 5.

Extra revision material: the mock exam we made for the year the course first ran (2009-10), and the class test with answers that we also tried that year.

You can follow XX10190 on Twitter: Follow @xx10190

There is some feedback on old exams:

The Unit Catalogue entry gives a brief summary of the content of the course.

Examples sheets

Brief Solutions

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