Introduction to Topology

Examples sheets for MA30055, Introduction to Topology, February-May 2018, will be accessible from here. So, (after a deliberate pause), will be brief solutions.

The Unit Catalogue entry gives a brief summary of the content of the course.

There is

all of which may be useful for those taking future exams.

The solutions to the 2015 exam in the library include a small but confusing error in the last part of Q1, so here is a corrected version.

Past papers are available at the library. As I wasn't the lecturer in all of those years, the exams won't be quite like mine, but the more recent ones at least should be similar enough in style for all practical purposes.

Notes for the course

There is a reading list for the course, listing some relevant books which are available in the University of Bath Library.

Here are two old articles about knitting. They include patterns for the Klein bottle and for the Boy's Surface (a version of the real projective plane).

Examples sheets


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