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Group Pub Forum Problem Book

Other publications often have a problem page. Given the epic scale of our difficulties, we have a problem book.

Direct Links

This will expand over time. We aim to have a large number of links to servers, gophers and other places of interest in Direct Links.


The two best places to start searching for mathematical information are e-MATH, the home page of the American Mathematical Society, and the Yahoo Mathematics Page at Stanford.

Computational Group Theory

Home Pages

Cast your eye around the sleazy bar in which group-pub-forum takes place. You may wish to contact some of your colleagues. This may be possible via
Folk in the Forum. This is a list of some of the members of group pub forum.

Subscribing to the forum is an anonymous process, but if you would like to stick your head above the parapet, let us know.

Who is where?

There is the beginning of what could one day be a very useful facility, a directory of mathematicians called WHO's On-line. As yet the database is fairly small, but you can make it bigger by going there and registering yourself.

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