Groups St Andrews 2001 in Oxford


The conference will be organised along similar lines to previous events in this series.

Pictures of the conference a second batch and a third batch.

Here is information about the start of the conference. It includes registration information and a map of Oxford for you to download.

A provisional conference timetable is now available.

There is important information available concerning the preparation of articles for submission to the conference proceedings.

The application form for people wishing to attend the conference.

Please register your interest in this conference. This will ensure that you receive all conference announcements and messages by personal e-mail. This form also allows you to make public the fact that you hope to come to the meeting, so that your friends and colleagues can try to co-ordinate their travel plans with yours.

You can also request a formal invitation to Groups St Andrews 2001 in Oxford either for visa purposes or to help you to secure leave or funding.

Here is a list of people who have publically declared that they wish to be conference participants.

Here is a list of people of The following people have kindly agreed to give short courses of lectures:

Accommodation is booked at Lady Margaret Hall and St Anne's College. Lecture rooms are booked in the Mathematical Institute. The organizing committee will comprise Colin Campbell, Daniel Groves, Patrick Martineau, Peter Neumann, Edmund Robertson, Geoff Smith, Brian Stewart and Gabrielle Stoy.

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