Group Pub Forum

The mailing list is for the discussion of any aspect of Group Theory. The reason for the name is that the spirit is supposed to be that of a conversation in a pub at a group theory conference. The mailing list is a private list. To subscribe or unsubscribe, just send an email as described below.

To subscribe, send an email. To: Subject: subscribe group-pub-forum Joe Bloggs [Use your name instead of `Joe Bloggs']

To unsubscribe, send an email. To Subject: unsubscribe group-pub-forum [Do not include your name]

The address subscribed (or unsubscribed) will be the one from which the email was sent. You will only be able to post from an email address which is subscribed. You can subscribe from multiple addesses, but you will receive GPF mail at all of them of course.

Geoff and Gunnar