Introductory Mathematics: Algebra and Analysis


This review appeared in Zentralblatt fur Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete BRD 887.1998, S. 1

This somewhat unconventional book might be seen partly as a combination algebra and analysis book for the the gap between elementary and more rigorous mathematics. It would serve students well in preparation for rigorous upper division courses in algebra and analysis. The chapter headings will indicate the scope: 1. Sets, Functions and Relations 2. Proof 3. Complex Numbers and Related Functions 4. Vectors and Matrics 5. Group Theory 6. Sequences and Sets (This should read Sequences and Series GCS) 7. Mathematical Analysis 8. Creating the Real Numbers. The material is not rushed, and there are just over 200 pages, so one can accordingly conclude that, especially in Chapters 4 through 8, the depth and breadth are limited.

Reviewer: Gerald A. Heuer (Moorhead)

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