[University of Bath]

Introductory Mathematics:

Algebra and Analysis

by Geoff Smith

Here is a record of gremlin achievement.

A few typographical errors have been detected.

devil Corrigenda for the 1st printing

Against the odds, some heroic errors have survived world-wide scrutiny.

devil Corrigenda for the 2nd printing

The errors below managed to survive into the 3rd printing. They are to be congratulated, but the survival of such howlers almost defies belief!

devil Corrigenda for the 3rd printing

Readers of the book are welcome to send email requesting clarifications. This will stimulate a response by email and on the web site (unless this enterprise gets out of hand!). Send your request to G.C.Smith@bath.ac.uk. You are also very welcome to send comments or constructive suggestions to me at that address.

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